UNBOUND- The Five Keys

The Unbound Ministry is a ministry of healing and deliverance that focuses on the person, a method of prayer led by the Holy Spirit, that is based on loving the person as God the Father loves us, while we understand the truth about who we are in Him.  Through this method you will be able to remove the power of the lies in your life, so that you can hear the voice of God, and open the door of FREEDOM that Christ promised us through His Cross and Resurrection.  It is Jesus who restores us to liberation, Jesus is the door, and through the five keys, the door of freedom is opened.  The five keys are: 1)Repentance and Faith, 2)Forgiveness, 3)Renunciation, 4) Authority, and 5) The Father’s Blessing.

“Picture a locked door.  Opening that door represents liberation from spiritual bondage. The door have five locks, each requiring a key. As a believer in Christ, you have all the keys you need to be free from the influence of evil spirits.” (Unbound, Lozano, p. 53)

The Unbound Ministry was founded by Neal Lozano, and his son Matthew Lozano, who are directors of the Heart of the Father Ministries.

If you have been stuck, if you really don’t know why, if you want to experience breakthrough in your life, and/or parish, it is time to unlock the locks of your heart, through this ministry.

Please email us for all inquiries.  info@spiritfilledhearts.org

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