About Seminars & Workshops

Spirit Filled Hearts offers a number of service and workshops for parishes, prayer groups, other organizations, and anyone interested in growing their faith through the Spirit.

If you are interested in attending one of these events, check our calendar of upcoming events.  If you are interested in planning an event with Spirit Filled Hearts contact us for more information.

Read some testimonies from past  events: https://spiritfilledhearts.org/home/testimonials/

Holy Spirit Prayer Meetings

This service includes the introduction and implementation of a charismatic prayer group at your church, which serves the needs of your parish.  Click here for more information.

Spirit Filled Retreats

Imagine a beautiful setting at a local monastery or abbey.  Spirit Filled Hearts would be happy to support your group or parish by providing such an environment conducive to meaningful talks, mass, praise.

Holy Spirit Seminars

We provide a retreat in which your community can go through the spiritual process of being baptized by the Holy Spirit and surrendering their Spirit Filled Hearts to the Lord.  Click here for more information.

Spirit Filled Healing Services

Your community will benefit from a healing mass, healing prayer services. We are happy to visit your parish and provide the resources to help organize such events or put them on for your community.

Spirit Filled Teaching Workshops

Once your church parishioners hearts are on fire for the Lord we are able to teach them how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


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