Philippine Missionary Trip 2015


Deacon Steve’s Philippine Mission Journal

Day 1

At the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus, he read the text from Isaiah that said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me! I have been sent to bring glad Tidings to the poor.”

That is exactly how I feel. I, and our team, are bringing the hope and the Good News of Jesus Christ to the Philippino people, many of which are poor in spirit.

The first night, after a 18 hour flight, our team of nine people went to the Church of the Mir aculous Metal in Manila to have Mass and a healing service. Spirit Filled HeartsMis combining with the ministry called “Spirit of Praise” which organized the trip.

Since we were just in the original church of the Miraculous Metal in Paris, it was a blessing to be part of this church, which is one of three churches in the world named the church of the Miraculous Metal and see what Jesus and the Blessed Mother had in store for me. I was not disappointed.

I felt the Holy Spirit filling me in a way that I was filled with intense joy and had a constant companion with
Holy Spirit tears. One woman, after the service, said when she looked at me, I looked like an Angel praying over the people. I was so filled with the love of Jesus for his people!

Many of his people were healed and given encouraging words of knowledge.




Day Two,

We began our day at the Home for the Abandoned Elderly run by the Sisters of the Poor. Talk about Angels!!! The Head Mother, Sister Grace, simply “glowed” with the love of Christ. So did the six other Sisters. The residents are found in the streets, abandoned by the world.

I am blessed that the majority of the people on the Mission are from the Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in Los Angeles Music Group. We used their talent to sing and dance and act out many Praise songs. We prayed over each of them and they were smiling from ear to ear.

With the love of Jesus filling me with the Holy Spirit, I also prayed over our group with one person receiving the gift of tongues for the first time and another having a deep inner healing.

Following that we went to the Asia Social Institute that teaches leaders from all over Asia how to implement Catholic Social teaching in their countries. They have over 200 students that work with the poorest of the poor.

The healing service after the Mass was intense, and I must say, unexpectedly powerful with a group with this background. My bias I guess. Well, Praise the Lord! Nearly everyone was “Slain in the Spirit.” Many healed.

There was a Priest and Sister who were from different parts of Northern China. They were overwhelmed with the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit and asked to be prayed over for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Father Bill Adams, who is our Priest on the trip, and I took them in the Chapel and prayed over them for the gift of healing and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Sister received the gift of tongues immediately! Both were filled with the Spirit.

Afterward the Priest insisted that we were to go to Northern China and teach them the gifts of the Spirit!
A woman in our group, on the drive back to the hotel, had a prophecy that God was going to send me throughout the world to spread the gospel! (Mary Anne, don’t worry). Praise the Lord!

Tonight, I am giving my first homily/teaching to a very large organization called “Couples in Christ.” I met with the President of the group the first day. They have 800,000 members of which 700,000 are in the Philippines. There is a healing service afterward.





Evening 2/Day 3

I was very blessed to give a thirty minute teaching to 750 people who are part of a world wide organization called “Couples for Christ.” The focus was on being transformed by the power of praise–individually, in a marriage and family. Afterward we prayed for healing for each person. Very powerful. Many healings.

We got to bed after 1 am and had to get up in two hours for a flight to Davao. There we experienced the “Davao.” Poverty like I have never seen. The poorest of the poor. We ministered to the children and young mothers, bringing food and the love of Jesus! The Davao are abandoned by society. They live on one meal a day. A cup of rice and some vegetables.

Later we went to a Missionaries of Charity Orphanage. We ministered to the children and Sisters. The children were left on the street to die before they are picked up by the Sisters. They respond with a big smile when held and loved!

At night we had Mass and a healing service. I spoke on the Beatitudes and how God is calling us to surrender completely to him and minister to the poor.
Many spiritual and emotional miracles reported!




Day 4


Wherever we go we are ministering God’s love. Often we pray for each and strangers see us laying heads on one another and ask for prayer. The Holy Spirit descends upon them like a “New Pentecost.”

Last night the love of Jesus was over whelming. 500-600 people came to our Mass and healing service. They were part of “Couples for Christ” and other covenant communities. Many many healings, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. Afterward the people flocked to us to touch our hands and pray for more of the love of Christ. They were hungry for his tender touch.

Today we are off to the home in Davao for the abandoned elderly, flying to Cebu, where I will give a teaching on the Father’s love to a large prison. Tonight another large Mass and healing service.

Please pray for us and for the power of his love to flow through us!


The Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus is amazing!


Day 5

Day five starts with visiting indigent people in Davao who are in temporary housing pending medical treatment. These are the poorest of the poor and have nothing. They often have tumors or other conditions that require treatment. We prayed over each of them individually with the love and hope of Christ!

After landing in Cebu, we went to the Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center. They have a unique form of rehabilitation in which they teach the inmates to dance in unison to popular songs, such as “Thriller.”

Apparently we showed up at the time that there was a special performance for TV and newspapers. After a few songs the prison leaders asked me to address the 750-800 inmates. With the TV cameras filming, I told them that I travelled 8,000 miles to tell them how much Jesus loves them and has forgiven them. I went through Ephesians chapter one that because of Christ they were holy and spotless. They responded with clapping and shouts of joy!

After a short break they were back performing. Then one of the head people in the prison asked me, unexpectedly, if I wanted to address them where they were outside in the yard and pray for their healing.

I said yes, not knowing what I would say. As we starting walking down to them, the skies opened up to an huge down pour. Yes it knows how to rain here!
The prison official told me to address them under shelter. Suddenly I felt the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. I felt God telling me to tell the official to wait two minutes. Incredibly, at what seemed to be exactly two minutes the rain stopped! I went into the yard and began preaching fervently about God’s love and forgiveness. That they were children of God. Loved unconditionally! Forgiven! That God was preparing a place for them in heaven. They responded enthusiastically with one “Amen” after another. I then led 800 men and women inmates into a prayer of total surrender to Christ. They responded loudly clapping their hands!

Later Father Bill Adams closed the session with nearly 800 inmates raising their hands praising God! What an incredible experience!!! I feel very blessed and honored to be here serving God and the poor.

I love the Filipino people in general! They are very warm and loving with tremendous faith and family values!


image image image image

Day 6


We had an early Mass and healing service for leaders of the “Lord’s flock community.” Afterward we had two teachings. I did mine on “Spiritual Warefare” and Father Bill Adams did his on “Intercessory Prayer.” Everything was well received by a loving group!

We then went to the Missionary of Charity Orphanage. These children were abandoned in the street to die. They are babies to 6 years of age.

It breaks your heart to see them. Often they cling to your leg or open their arms to be picked up. We are called to be the love of Jesus to them!

In the afternoon, I was blessed to have a visit from Joe Borba! Joe previously had been the head of the
Sower Ministry in Azusa, CA and host of the “Bread of Life TV show.” He now lives in Cebu. We discussed the possibility of a worldwide Filippino radio network!

God bless everyone and thanks for prayers!

Deacon Steve



Day 7

Praise the Lord! In all circumstances we are to give thanks in Christ Jesus! We had to remind each other of this on Day Eight! We also were reminded of a very important truth, “we plan God laughs.”

Our plan was to take an early morning ferry to Bohol to continue our Mission. However, the Typhoon got in the way and our trip was cancelled and rebooked eleven hours later!!!

What did we do? We sang praise and worship songs in the lobby of the Ferry building, prayed over each other, and I lead a Bible study on the first chapter of John and the eight chapter of Romans. Two of my favorites!!!

Once we were on the boat we prayed over fellow passengers and spread the word of God!

More to come…

Thank you for your love and prayers for our Mission!



Day 8

We were able to a have a wonderful time in Bohol. The area is quite a bit more rural and much more tropical. The people, like everywhere in the Philippines are very loving and warm.

We had a Mass, arranged by Couples for Christ, at a beautiful parish called “Our Lady of Lourdes.” The church was packed! There were 800-900 people hungry for the love of Jesus and the word of God. The church is on the Main Street of Tagbilaran. Very crowded. There is no air conditioning in any of these churches. They are open to the street where the air can circulate. The challenge can be the noise from the street. Last night someone set off about 3-4 minutes of very loud fire works right during Fathers homily. He handled it well as always. Then there was the cat fight. Animals come in and out of the church and two cats decided to duke it out, with loud cry’s of pain. Then there are the birds. Watch out for the dive bombing!

We had a powerful healing service and I had a teaching afterward on “Everyday Healing Power.” Nearly everyone in the church stayed for the teaching. All together they were there for three-hours! As always there was a late dinner.

More to come. Thanks for prayers!



Day 9

Praise the Lord! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, “In all circumstances give thanks for this is your will in Christ Jesus.” God was reminding us of this on day 10.  We were headed to Northern Philippines which was hit hard by the Typhoon. Shortly before we were to fly, the trip was canceled. The people in the North had planned a big welcome party and many events. So we are in Manila, praying and praising God!

We went last night to a large Mall. Interesting experience. There are so many people to wait on you. All dressed well and polite. Before they start work they pray together and close work in which the whole store prays together!

I got my first Barong!!! I am almost Filipino now!!!

Finally, when the people find out you are a Priest or Deacon they ask for prayer. No matter where we go we are praying over people. It is s beautiful thing!



Day 10


Praise the Lord! Since we were supposed to be ministering in Vigan, we were having an unplanned day in Manila. After a group sharing in the morning regarding what miracles and blessings the Lord was doing, we went back to the “Mega Mall” for a noon Mass.

What a place! In the middle of a large Mall is a large and beautiful church that probably held 500 people. We were close to that in attendance! Next to it was a large adoration chapel where we prayed over people for healing.

The night was a special evening! We assisted in a parish Mass at San Roque Church. We then had an amazing healing session. Many miracles!

image image image

Day 11

Praise the Lord! Since we were supposed to be ministering in Vigan, we were having an unplanned day in Manila. After a group sharing in the morning regarding what miracles and blessings the Lord was doing, we went back to the “Mega Mall” for a noon Mass.

What a place! In the middle of a large Mall is a large and beautiful church that probably held 500 people. We were close to that in attendance! Next to it was a large adoration chapel where we prayed over people for healing.

The night was a special evening! We assisted in a parish Mass at San Roque Church. We then had an amazing healing session. Many miracles!


Days 12-14

Praise the Lord! I am now at Manila airport reflecting on two weeks of blessings with many healings.

I am so impressed with the Catholic Covenant Community “The Lord’s Flock.” We spoke to them twice over the weekend regarding gratitude, expecting miracles, surrender, and the new evangelization. We also had Sunday Mass and a healing service!

Their community core values include evangelization worldwide. They believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are on fire with the Lord’s love. They also are very strong with youth and young adults.

They are in the United States but are not well known. I hope to help with their awareness.

Couples for Christ is another anointed Catholic organization based in the Philippines. They focus on strenghing marriages and give many seminars and work shops.

We had a number of Masses and healing services with various chapters of CFC throughout the Philippines. They love the Lord and are eager to learn more about God’s love and healing. They are worldwide and are in the United States. Over all, I would like to help improve their U.S. awareness.

We were fortunate to meet with their worldwide President George Campos and his wife Cynthia. I look forward to working with them in the future. There is a tremendous need to strengthen marriages everywhere.

The Philipino people are warm and loving and want to grow in holiness. I don’t know 100% why the Lord called me to go on this mission but I do know it was very anointed with the power and love of Jesus.

It looks like I may be getting invitations to come back next year. I trust that the Lord will provide the guidance!

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Abundant love and blessings,

Deacon Steve



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