Upcoming Africa Mission Trip 2017

Spirit Filled Hearts Ministry has been invited to three countries in Africa.  Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leon.  We are very excited about bringing not only the Good News to the people of African but also encouragement, food and necessities that they lack.
These mission trips of course come with a price tag.  Logistically we are needing help to provide transportation, and items that the African people are in great need of.  Clean water, food, teaching supplies, clothing, hygiene products are some items that come to mind.  We are hoping to go to Africa in November of 2017.  In our research we have found that we need 5 people to accompany me for support for prayer services, teachings, and moral support.  We hope to learn about the people of Africa and be blessed by being in their presence.  We are prayerfully asking for your support of this special initiative.
We plan to visit seminarians,  parishes, orphanages, schools and the like.  The airfare is about $8000 for 5 people to travel.  We are expecting to be have boarding a local parish churches and convents but that is subject to change.  We are looking to raise funds to donate to the local parishes in  Africa.  Our goal is to raise between $10,000 and $20,000 for this project.   Together, we can change thousands of hearts in Africa through the power of God.
Should you feel called to donate big or small please go to the following link
Thank you for your donation!
For any questions please email us at info@spiritfillehearts.org
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