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December 2016

These are comments given after our Life in the Spirit Seminar at St. George Catholic Church in St. George Utah:

  • “I was blessed to see Jesus during my time! He took the Deacon’s place as he was praying over me! Beautiful gold all around him, I am so blessed, thank you for bringing this to our parish. Yes, Deacon’s hand started to glow gold and then it was Jesus reaching out to touch my head, It was so amazing, I couldn’t keep from opening my eyes to see him more clearly and it was the Deacon again.”

  • “I feel awesome, peaceful. I’m glad I went up to be prayed over. I feel like I 4got all my worries.”

  • There was a woman who came to the Healing Mass on Friday night and also the Saturday Life in the Spirit Seminar. She wanted to be able to forgive her estranged son of 4 years. 15 minutes after being prayed over, her son texted her, saying how he was thinking of her during this Christmas. Her heart was healed.

  • A woman with a crooked, small finger received prayer. After the prayer, her finger straightened and she had an overwhelming peace and sense of how much God loved her.

  • A person was there for the Friday night Healing Mass, she felt called to be prayed over. She received the gift of tears. The next day she could hear God. Before the Healing Mass, she never believed God loved her.

  • Many commented how the music touched their souls. My daughter who did not attend the event but only the closing Mass, was overcome by the beautiful worship music.

  • Two parishioners, who only speak Spanish, understood the songs sung in English.

  • A married couple who attended the weekend, now have a strong desire to start attending daily Mass.

  • After the weekend my desire to pray and read the Bible has increased. And now upon receiving the Eucharist, my appreciation and communion with the Real Presence has deepened. During daily Mass, after consuming the Host and Blood, my gut and being physically shook by His Presence and I was brought to tears on the kneeler. Again today after receiving Him, I realized the same Person who came as a baby, who had a mother and father, walked the earth, healed, loved, wept, forgave sinners, bleed, and resurrected 2000 years ago, was the same Person IN me and ALIVE today.

  • One of the team members who felt compelled to be with certain people during prayer, said she simply hugged those she felt led to. She said those she ministered to were literally sobbing with joy, feeling and knowing how much God loved them.

  • A person during the weekend was praying for her brother who has led a troubled life, was semi homeless, made worse by alcoholism. This week, he found housing and employment.

“We love you all. Thank you again for your faithfulness to the Lord.”

“God brought me here today!” “I have never felt so loved by God!” “After moving to the dessert, I felt so lonely. Finally after two years I felt joy in my parish.”

“God called me to go because I was stuck after a great loss” “The best thing offered at our parish in 20 years”

“I finally have a better understanding of how The Holy Spirit works in our life”.

“Please come back and continue the work in our parish”. This was shared by many.

So glad you had some time in Snow Canyon to relax on Sunday. We prayed for the ministry and your trip in January. Sending all lots of Christmas hugs and love!!

“You are a gift in my life.”

September 2016

Deacon Steve,

Thank you for inviting us to come to this workshop. The Lord really touched my heart and made me realize how and where I can love His people more.

God, continue to use this holy man, we pray.


Estelle and Dick

July 2016

Hi Deacon Steve!. My name is Gabby . I wanted to thank you for coming to talk at the HCCRS (Hawaii) conference a couple of weeks ago. You were absolutely wonderful.

I purchased one of your CDs “Transformation through Praise” and I wanted to tell you how amazing it was. Firstly, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was my Confirmation saint so it always makes me laugh during the introduction. I actually started listening to the CD during my commutes to my internship and am thrilled to get more and more out of it every time. Praise just starts bubbling, filling my entire body, and pouring out. It’s so cool! God is SO good. I have never had that happen so strongly before- there have been a couple of times where I have had to collect myself before I went to see my supervisor because I had been crying with joy. I have started to apply the content to other aspects of my life. It’s made a big difference in helping me to train my thoughts to put a more positive, praise-filled spin on any situation. In result, I’ve noticed positive changes in my overall anxiety and in how I approach problems in my relationships. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Thank you so much. I am sharing with one of my friends as well as the rest of my family. I think my friend would really like your talks- he loves really good Catholic speakers. Also, I don’t think he knows too much about charismatic prayer groups; I want to share that with him too. It’s exciting!

You are such a blessing and I appreciate all that you do in service to others. May God bless you!

My God! Thank you Deacon Steve and Mary Anne. Thank all the team and group. That explains the miracles that are happening within and around me.
All my blood work is normal. Pains are just vanishing. The doctors are very happy. Nurses, supervisors, aides, even the cleaning people stop in just to talk about God, life and prayer. It is just miraculous. My holy hours have become just extended through the whole day and night.
Thank you. It is through your holiness, your faith in miracles and your fortitude that my and others physical, mental and spiritual healings have occurred.
I pray for you and your family the team and the group every day. It is such a privilege that the Holy Spirit sent me to you. I love you both. May God’s blessings and graces fall abundantly on you and your family!


Women’s Retreat Comments

“Deacon Steve is an awesome witness to the Holy Spirit.”
“Deacon Steve and Mary Anne’s presentations were very moving and spiritual.”
“Deacon Steve was AWESOME!. His presentations were very understandable and relative.”
“Deacon Steve’s material was well chosen and clear. It is obvious he loves God with all his heart.”
“Deacon Steve and Mary Anne are awesome, God/Spirit filled speakers.”

Dear Spirit Filled Hearts,

After the prayer meeting on Saturday, my father told me that he felt very much at peace and wanted to know when we would return to the prayer meeting. I’m just thrilled that he wants to return.

Praise, praise, praise God!


Dear Spirit a Filled Hearts,

We brought our friend Janet to the prayer mtg last night. She prayed the Lord wrap His arms around her sons and protect them.

A few hours later her son called to say a drunk driver in front of him had hit the center divider, made a U turn and hit them head on. He walked away with scratches and a broken thumb. The policeman said they must have had an angel protecting them because he had never seen anyone walk away from such a wreck. They got off the freeway as a third car hit the first car killing one of the passengers. We praise and thank the Lord for His protection on Matt.

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