365 Days of Praise ~ February 22

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Isaiah 46:10 “At the beginning I foretell the outcome/ in advance, things not yet done./  I say that my plan shall stand,/  I accomplish my every purpose.”

             How many times have you put together a business or personal plan, only to have it change almost immediately?  Perhaps, you have heard the saying, “We plan, God laughs.”

Most of us believe that our success in business or life is because of our talent.   While planning is important, listening is the critical priority.  God will show us what to do through prayer, council from other Christians, or the Bible etc.  We must adjust our plans according to what God is telling us to do.  Often, He is saying to stand our ground and don’t be discouraged.

Lord, create my work and personal plans for Your glory and for the good of Your people.  I praise You for being the source of my wisdom.

 How do you quiet your mind? Do you pray fervently in contemplative prayer so that you hear the Father’s words, and feel His gentle guidance and loving manner of parenting you  Where is there a place of peace for you to sit, be still, and listen to His perfect will and message of love?

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