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Matthew 6:13 “[D]o not subject us to the final test,/ but deliver us from the evil one.”

             A reality of being human is that we are all subject to many temptations. These temptations are often large and obvious, but they may be small and subtle.  Usually they involve things that we don’t like about ourselves.  Even if we don’t act on the temptation, we can still feel dirty and depressed. We often worry that we will fail the test.

Do not fear!  Jesus has overcome every temptation by His dying on the cross for all of our sins.  While it isn’t a sin to feel tempted, we can remove all temptation by the grace of God.  By relying on Jesus, we will resist temptation and claim deliverance.

Lord, I praise and thank You for resisting the evil one on our behalf.

 What helps you through those difficult times? Maybe you find yourself wanting to say something harsh or untrue – to save yourself.  Do you turn to God for help?  Do you thank Him for His help?

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