365 Days of Praise ~ February 24

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Luke 14:11 “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

             If you ever wonder how much you desire being the center of attention, look at your behavior for just one day.  What do you say or do that centers on just yourself versus others?  Do you enjoy getting recognition, being admired, or even put on a pedestal?

Resist the temptation, because God’s way is not the world’s approach.  When we are meek, we are strong in God’s eyes.  We will be blessed with His grace.  As we seek to put others first, our humility will be blessed for all eternity.

Lord; help me humble myself today with all that I do.  I praise You for being the source of humility.

How can you feel humble before the Lord?  Praying for humility and realizing that God is the source of all power will guide you to a more humble way of life.

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