365 Days of Praise ~ May 6

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Psalm 37: 7 “Leave it to the LORD,/ and wait for him.”

One of the hardest things for all us to do is to be patient.  As the song goes, “wait, wait, on the Lord, for in His time, He makes all things beautiful.”  When we wait, in the flesh we worry.  We fret.  We think we should be doing something.  But we are doing the most important thing, because we believe in God’s word and promises.

If you are told by the Lord to wait, then wait.  However, if you are not to wait, but to act, then act immediately!

Lord; help me to listen to Your voice and word as to when to act and when to wait.   I praise You for Your voice and love for me.

Do you listen to God when you pray?  Are your prayers focused on petition?  Do you pray in contemplation and bask in God’s loving wisdom?  How do you quiet your mind and use your heart to hear His command to act or wait?

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