365 Days of Praise ~ May 17

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Proverbs 17:17 “He who is a friend is always a friend,/ and a brother is born for the time of stress.”

             In my career, I have left jobs, and have been demoted and fired.  In all three cases, people who I thought were friends left me quickly.  I couldn’t believe it at first.  I will never forget those individuals who were my friends a week earlier,  who once made sure they gave me flattering speech, who were now walking in a different direction when they saw me.

However, there were some surprises, later. I found I had friends that I didn’t think cared for me, who stood by me in my time of misfortune and trial.  These people were no longer just “friends,” but became my brothers and sisters.  They are cherished as divine jewels – gifts from the Lord.  Indeed, angels from God!

Praise the Lord for providing human angels, especially in times of stress and trial.

             Who are the human angels in your life?  What is so wonderful about them?  Have they stood by you in hard times? Do they encourage, offer support, and listen to you when you need a listening heart?

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