365 Days of Praise ~ March 4

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Proverbs 21:3 “To do what is right and just/ is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.”

There are times when we think that God wants us to give up everything in our lives that we find enjoyable.  This is a lie from the enemy to defeat us from a holier life with God.

Jesus only wants us to put Him first before anything else, including our families.  This is because God doesn’t want idol worship.  By surrendering to Him all that we are and have, the joy of the Lord is released in our lives.  The truth is that we don’t give up anything important, but get everything in return.

Lord, thank You for teaching me that You desire not only my sacrifice, but also my heart.  I praise You for being my teacher.

What in life do you sacrifice for God’s glory? Do you offer your whole life, heart, soul, mind and body?   Do you listen to your Father’s wisdom and teachings in your life?

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