365 Days of Praise ~ March 27

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Matthew 6:13 “…and do not subject us to the final test,/ but deliver us from the evil one.”

             The Lord’s Prayer teaches us how to pray.  One element of this critical prayer that I had not reflected on, until recently, is the phrase “to be delivered from temptation” – that is, the “evil one.”

Often, my focus has been to stand and not fall when my flesh tempts me.  However, God doesn’t even want “the temptation.”  Why fight a battle that you don’t have to?  We win automatically if there is nothing to fight against.

Lord, thank You for delivering me from all temptations today.  Lord, I praise You for protecting me against all evil.

Are you listening to God during the day?  Do you recognize His words of wisdom that help you avoid failing and succumbing to temptations?

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