365 Days of Praise ~ March 21

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Acts 27:24 “…‘Do not be afraid, Paul.  You are destined to stand before Caesar; and behold, for your sake, God has granted safety to all who are sailing with you.”

             Do you ever like to watch a tape of a sporting event when you know your team wins?  I am a huge UCLA fan (don’t hold that against me) and I have seen their NCAA championship game against Arkansas 10 plus times.  I know who wins but I still get nervous when they aren’t doing well.  However, it is only for a second, because I know those jump shots will begin falling.

That’s the way our life should be.  We win with Jesus in the end.  If things aren’t going well for the moment, they will be soon, because God takes care of His children.

Thank You Lord for showing me that my life will end victoriously in the end.  I praise You for the victory over evil.

Do you trust in His ways that He will help bring you to His heaven and everlasting life?

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