365 Days of Praise ~ March 11

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Romans 8:18 “I consider the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.”

             God’s grace is infinitely beyond the suffering of the present life.  While sin is the root of all suffering, Christ’s redemption is the basis of all joy.  This leads to future glory and eternal happiness.  We must focus on Jesus while riding on this roller coaster called life.  He will take our burdens and trade them for peace every time.

Read the promises of the Lord today.  He is here to bless you today and forever.  Suffering will go away, but God’s grace stays forever.

Lord, thank You for helping me get through today, as I hope in my eternal future with You.  I praise You as my Savior.

Do you stop and praise God during the day?   How do you realize His daily miracles which help bring you to know just a glimmer of eternal life that He is offering you?

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