365 Days of Praise ~ March 10

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Nehemiah 8:10 “…‘Go, eat rich foods, and drink sweet drinks, and allot portions to those who had nothing prepared; for today is holy to our LORD.  Do not be saddened this day, for rejoicing in the LORD must be your strength.”

             There are days when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Finances, spouse, children, etc., can be all consuming.   God doesn’t want us to be sad or to feel down.  He wants a smile on our face, laughter in our voice, and joy in our heart.

You are a child of His kingdom.  Act as if you believe it and you will be blessed.  With king’s kids, all things are possible.

Lord, I praise You for giving the gift of rejoicing now and forever.

There are so many gifts and blessings in your life.  Recognize them and praise God!

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