365 Days of Praise ~ January 29

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Psalm 120 1-2 “In my distress, I called to the LORD,/ and he answered me./  O LORD, deliver me from lying lip,/ from treacherous tongue.”


There are days where I feel that someone might be out to harm me by whispering untruths, gossiping, or wishing me ill will.  I know that God wants me to love and pray for them,

and will protect me from those treacherous tongues.   When we have a personal relationship with God, we talk to Him intimately.  We are not afraid to tell Him we need His help and protection.

He will deliver us because He loves us!

Lord, protect me from those who seek to do me harm; and, Lord, prevent me from harming others.  I praise You for Your protection.


Controlling your impulses can be quite difficult at times.  What can you change to help curb your sinful behavior?

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