365 Days of Praise ~ February 6

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Genesis 12:2 “‘I will make you a great nation, / and I will bless you;/ I will make your name great,/ so that you will be a blessing.’”

      I received a word from the Lord that there will be a great nation associated with a company that I became President of a few years ago. The great nation will become sales forces that are hired to sell pharmaceutical products.  They will be blessed with God’s grace because we will have formed the company under His guidance, the direction of the Holy Spirit, and for His glory.  This happened and turned out to be nearly a 100 million dollar company in four years!

To be blessed is to mean that we have supernatural favor.  We always have that favor when we ask for it.  Why?  He will never deny us the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit.

Lord, thank you for helping me be part of building the Kingdom.  I praise You for being the source of all blessings in my life.

Do you see the reward that comes from following God in your life?  Do you bear fruit in the name of Jesus?


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