365 Days of Praise ~ February 5

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Matthew 6:8b “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

      Do you ever think that someone can read your mind?  Do they know what you are thinking of and say it before you do?  Perhaps it’s your spouse or a close friend – someone with whom you share your intimate feelings. God knows the “real” you better than you know yourself or anyone else ever could for that matter.  We never need to hide anything from Him because God already knows it.

When you pray to God with petitions He knows what is best for you before it gets out of your mouth or enters your mind.  Ask Him, and if it is His will, you will be blessed even more!

Lord, thank you for knowing my needs before the dawn of time.  I praise and thank you for being my best friend.  

Do you trust God’s perfect will?  Do you allow yourself to trust in Him to know your thoughts, heart, and needs?  Do you understand that sometimes He says no, because He knows better?   After all, He is “Our Father Who Art in Heaven”… When have you trusted God- when have you not?

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