365 Days of Praise ~ February 28

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Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the clean of heart,/ for they will see God.”

           In the Old Testament we learn from Psalms that only the pure in heart can participate in temple worship.  It means to behold the face of God.

In the Beatitudes, the Christian experiences God “now” and in the “kingdom to come.” We, the soldiers of Christ, can begin to see God as we purify our lives during the routineness of our daily activities.  When we are pure of heart we can see God much more clearly.  His presence becomes very real to us.

Lord, I seek Your face today!  Purify my heart.  I praise the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

 Do you recognize Jesus in the hearts of others and in your own heart?  Do you seek His face?  Reflect on your first meeting with Jesus in heaven and imagine His holy face.  How glorious He is!

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