365 Days of Praise ~ February 25

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Nehemiah 8:9 “…‘Today is holy to the LORD your God.  Do not be sad, and do not weep’….”

             Each day that we live is holy before God, a blessing, because God has said that everything He created is good.  It is not for us to be sad or despondent.  We are to rejoice in this day of holiness, as we reflect upon the beauty of His creation and wonder of His people.

When people see us or hear our voice, they should see that we are different.  They should see that we are God’s sons and daughters, joyful and full of love.

Lord, thank You for this holy day.   Help me to praise Your name throughout the day.

 Are you thankful for the miracles of the Lord’s each day? Do you express your gratitude and remember all that is good in your life comes from God?

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