365 Days of Praise ~ February 18

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Luke 9:25 “What profit is there for me to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?”

             Life is about choices.  Psychologists tell us we make over 2,000 choices per day. We can choose to love, to follow Jesus, or not.  We can choose the world and its temporary riches and pleasures or we can choose eternal happiness.

In business and with other things of our life, temptations abound in the pursuit of success.  Many times we are tempted to do what it takes to win at life and business.  It seems as if we must do anything it takes to win.  However, if we fall to that lie, then we have lost the battle – we forsake our soul.  True success comes from following Jesus.

Lord Jesus, I choose You today to follow for all of eternity.  I praise You for showing me what “true success” is.

His truth is all you need to bring eternal peace.  How do you seek His truth and light in your life?

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