365 Days of Praise ~ February 13

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Isaiah 50: 4 “The Lord GOD has given me/ a well-trained tongue,/ That I might know how to speak to the weary/ a word that will rouse them.”

Our “words” are one of our primary weapons in life.  How we use them will help determine our success in all aspects of our life. This verse confirms that God will prepare us for what we need to say to His people.  Speak words of encouragement, support, protection and love, frequently with your family!

Don’t ever fear speaking in front of a group or with someone ever again!  Most of us don’t like to speak in public.  If we trust in the Lord, and meditate on this verse, God will take over our talk.  This was meant for you!

Lord, thank you for teaching me what to say to Your people today.  I praise You for the gift of communication.

How will you use the God given talents bestowed upon you to encourage people – by speaking the Truth of Jesus Christ’s message from His Father?

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