365 Days of Praise ~ April 29

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1 Samuel 3:10  “…‘Speak, for your servant is listening.’”

             An important step in our spiritual journey is hearing, trusting in, and opening our heart to God’s voice. Is it just my imagination?  Am I making it up?  Is it my mind, playing tricks on me?

Most spiritual leaders clearly say that without listening to God, we have no relationship with Him.  Jesus is living and not dead!  He is alive, as we will be alive for all eternity.  Through the Holy Spirit, He has not left us orphaned.  He is there, guiding and leading us to Him.

Lord, may each of us, each day, say, “Speak, Your servant is listening.”  I praise You for speaking to me and for telling me how much You love me.

 Do you listen to God when you pray fervently to Him?  When do you praise God for His Love of you?

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