365 Days of Praise ~ April 26

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Psalm 23:6 “Only goodness and kindness follow me/ all the days of my life;/ And I shall dwell in the house of the LORD/ for years to come.”

Psalm 23 is very emotional for me, especially this verse.  There is a country western song, which uses these same words throughout.  When I was going through a particularly hard time at my one of my jobs, I would play this song and sing this verse every morning on the way to work.

Recently, at a prayer meeting in our home, a friend gave us a gift.  It was a plaque with this same verse.  God’s love for us is so amazing; it is hard to even remotely comprehend it.  We just have to appreciate it!

I praise and thank You Lord for all Your goodness that follows me wherever I go, forever and ever!

Do you feel God’s presence wherever you go?  How do you feel His presence? Do you feel Him in nature and in the eyes and hearts of people you meet?

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