365 Days of Praise ~ April 25

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Deuteronomy 28: 2 “When you hearken to the voice of the LORD, your God, all these blessings will come upon you and overwhelm you….”

This is how I feel today.  I have asked God to purify my heart – to mold me into His pure vessel.  I choose to be holy – to be set apart for my master and savior.  I want only to do His will.

When you surrender in the deepest part of your heart, God takes over and does the rest; He then speaks, as the saying goes, “early and often.”  God will speak while you are asleep, upon your waking, and all throughout the day.  When you listen, His Holy Spirit will come upon you as “tongues of fire.”

I praise and thank You Lord, for overwhelming me with Your gracious Love and for sending me the Holy Spirit.

How often do you ask the Holy Spirit to enter into your life?  Praise God and thank Him for His generosity.

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