365 Days of Praise ~ April 23

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Genesis 21: 22 “…‘God is with you in everything you do.’”

An army commander spoke this verse to Abraham.  His goodness was clearly seen by all.  Is that the same for you?

Recently I was at an outdoor market buying fruit. I blessed the man selling to me and told him I felt God was blessing his business.  He looked at me and told me I had a sign written across my forehead.  I looked at him in puzzlement.  He said he could always tell a good man because they have a sign written across their forehead – broadcasting it.  Then, he grasped my hand and blessed me.  Wow!  I felt God’s presence in a powerful way! I was almost knocked over.

Lord, may I today and always have a sign written across my face, witnessing to Your awesome presence in my life.  I praise You for being the source of my sign.

Do you pay attention to the people and physical signs that remind you of His love?

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