365 Days of Praise ~ April 22

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Amos 9:15 “I will plant them upon their own ground;/ never again shall they be plucked/  From the land I have given them,/ say I, the LORD, your God.”

             God is so generous.  No one can ever surpass His generosity.  He will bless you and your life if you ask Him.  What is needed?  Faith that passes all understanding is essential.  Know that if you ask Him for help with your job, family, or life, in time of need Jesus always delivers.  Does that mean that your prayer will be answered exactly the way you want?  Perhaps not – but God knows best.  He will bless you in the way you need it the most.

If you move forward spiritually, when you stay in His will, the ground you have been given will never be taken away.  God will plant His blessings in you to your thousandth generation.  Praise Him forever!

I praise You Lord for planting blessings with my life and showering me with Your grace.

How do you reflect on the great blessings the Lord has given you?

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