365 Days of Praise ~ April 13

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Genesis 26: 12-13 “Isaac sowed a crop in that region and reaped a hundredfold the same year.  Since the LORD blessed him, he became richer and richer all the time, until he was very wealthy indeed.”

When you devote your life to the Lord, you sow a crop for Him.  If you stay focused on serving Him, He will bless you abundantly.

Do you believe it?  Isaac did, and was rewarded for it 100 times over.  In the same way, we will be rewarded with God’s blessings when we serve Him.  It might be worldly riches, but more than likely it will be the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, help me today to sow a crop for your kingdom.  I praise and thank You for Your many blessings.

When do you tend your garden of faith?  Do you pray throughout the day? How can you improve your devotion to the Lord and grow in faith?

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