365 Days of Praise ~ April 12

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Song of Songs 2: 11-12 “For see, the winter is past,/ the rains are over and gone./  The flowers appear on the earth,/ the time of pruning the vines has come,/ and the song of the dove is heard in our land.”

I believe that success in life is as much about persistence as it is about anything else.  It’s easy to get discouraged about our progress or lack of it.  God doesn’t want us to focus on progress.  He wants us to trust and believe.  If He tells you that things will work out for His glory, then believe it.  What is needed is trust.  When that occurs, what had been “winter” will turn into the “spring” of new life in your work, life, and family.

I praise You for being the God of hope and for giving me strength to endure my trials.

During hard times, do you doubt your faith or do you praise God for His enduring love and support for you?

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