365 Days of Praise ~ April 11

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2 Timothy 2: 19 “…‘Let everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord avoid evil.’”

God will give us the strength to avoid all evil when we truly turn to Him with all of our heart.  He wants to make it happen.  Let Him, by saying yes!

There are areas in our lives that we struggle with in terms of sin.  This is where we often go to when we are feeling depressed or things aren’t going as we planned.

Do you want a breakthrough, spiritually?  Give those areas to Jesus for healing.  He will give you far more peace and joy than your temporary pleasure could ever provide.

Lord, I say yes to You for your help in avoiding all sin and evil in my life.  I praise and thank You for blessing and protecting me.

What evils are attacking you in your life?  When do you call upon the Lord for His assistance?  Do you ask for help and protection in the name of Jesus? Do you thank Him for His help?

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