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John 4: 53 “…‘Your son will live,’ and he and his whole household came to believe.”

Jesus came to heal us.  He heals us first, most importantly, by saving us from our sins and wretchedness.  Also, He wants to heal us, and our families, from spiritual, emotional, and physical problems.

In the case of this story, a royal official from Capernaum asked Jesus to heal his son, in the same way we do for our own families.  Jesus told him not to worry and to go home.  At that point, the whole family was healed of their “real” problem – their lack of faith.

Jesus asks us to trust and call upon Him for healing, so that our faith strengthens and His kingdom prospers. I praise You Jesus for being my healer.

What kind of healing do you need to become more faithful?  Do you need physical, spiritual, or emotional healing?  Ask for healing and claim it in Jesus’ name!

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