365 Days of Praise

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Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us set things right,/ says the LORD:/ Though your sins be like scarlet,/ they may become white as snow….”

             Shame is a terrible thing.  Guilt can be beneficial if it leads us to the Holy Spirit and becomes a catalyst for repentance.  Unfortunately, the enemy uses shame as a vehicle to defeat us and immobilize our Christian walk.  We stop evangelizing and ministering to others, because the accuser wants us to focus on our sins and feeling unworthy.

The reality is that we are all sinners and thus unworthy of receiving grace in our lives.  However, it is Jesus dying on the cross that makes us worthy through His blood and redemption.  Jesus is our defender before the throne of the Father in heaven.

If Satan wants to reminder us of our past, remind him of his future!

Lord, I praise and thank You for washing me clean.  Help me to always reflect on Your mercy and to let Your light shine through me, for others to see.

 How do you defend your joy and love from the Lord by praising God the Father?  Do you realize when  you rely on the Father and put Him above all things your joy cannot be taken?!

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