365 Days of Praise

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Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the LORD is a strong tower;/ the just man runs to it and is safe.”

             The only thing that will sustain us through life’s difficulties is the Lord.  Why do we constantly try other methods such as material things, pride, power, or illicit sexual relationships?  They are cheap copies of God’s grace and are never satisfying longer than a moment.  The way of the Lord lasts for an eternity.

Have you known someone who relies on their wealth for their security?  Perhaps you think it is your 401K,, or in the stock market, etc.  I once thought it was in my stock options, until the company’s value decreased by 70%!  It was then that I realized that my security is only in the Lord.  That is a lesson that I praise God for!

Lord, You are my tower and strength. May I rely only on You for my present and future.  I praise You for Your blessings.

The biggest investment you can make in your life is working on your relationship with God.  How much have you invested?

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