365 Days of Praise

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Matthew 20:30-34 “Two blind men…cried out, ‘[Lord,] Son of David, have pity on us!’ The crowd warned them to be silent, but they called out all the more….Jesus stopped and called them and said, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’  They answered him; ‘Lord, let our eyes be opened.’ Moved with pity, Jesus touched their eyes.  Immediately they received their sight, and followed him.”  

This story personifies much of the key elements of the Christian walk – reaching out to others, healing the sick preserving faith, and praising God. The blind men did not give up when told to be silent.  How often does our weak faith falter under trial or persecution?  Do we ask to be healed?  Do we want to be used by the Lord to heal others?  Do we persevere when the Lord is asking us to be patient? When we are healed, it is critical to praise God, tell others, and follow in His footsteps to receive greater miracles and grace.

Lord, open my eyes and heal my blindness so that I may be used by You to build the kingdom.  I praise You for being my healer.  

What are you blind to? What prevents you from seeing how God works in your life?  What must you do to receive His healing?

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