365 Days of Praise

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John 21: 17 “‘Do you love me?’…‘ Feed my sheep.’”

Jesus asks each of us, today, if we love Him.  Do we answer yes without thinking?  That is what Peter did.  Jesus had to ask him three times, each time with a deeper request for unconditional love.  Love with a love that is not self-serving, conditional, or occasional, but a love that is unwavering and passionate.  It must be a love that focuses on serving.

When Jesus said to feed my sheep, He was obviously referring to us.  We are to feed each other spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Lord, I praise You for helping me to love as You love.  Give me the grace to reach out to Your sheep and love in Your name.

Do you sometimes not love all His sheep?  Why is it so difficult to love all of His people, knowing full well that God loves you unconditionally?  Is it part of being human?

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