365 Days of Praise

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Revelation 2: 10 “Do not be afraid of anything that you are going to suffer…Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

In this world, there will be suffering.  We know this, and will usually try to avoid it.  The question is: how do we respond to adversity?  I believe we need to embrace suffering in the way that Jesus did – Thy will be done in our life.

Jesus will always bear our burdens and give us the strength to endure.  When we finish the race, we will receive the eternal crown of life.

I praise You Jesus for helping me through my suffering, as I wait patiently for the crown of life.

Jesus has put Himself in your shoes all the days of your life.  He empathizes with your suffering and is bearing your cross, with you.  Are you patient and ready to praise God for your suffering? And, do you trust in what He is doing in your life?

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