365 Days of Praise

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Psalm 51: 4 “Thoroughly wash me from my guilt/ and of my sin cleanse me.”

Trials and tribulations – they happen to all of us.  Rather than trusting God fully and completely, one can easily fall into a life of the flesh, leading to doubt, depression and despair.  My own lack of trust in the Lord was revealed to me, by God, to be my “biggest” sin. This lack of trust opened the door for “other” behaviors that fell outside of God’s will.  It was the sin of pride. My trouble was bigger than God’s solution, I thought, so I had to try to solve it myself.

I know that God’s love is unwavering.  I may have moved, but He has not.  When I turn to Him, He washes me whiter than snow.  He cleanses me and removes my guilt. Indeed, that is why He died for me.

Lord, You are faithful even when I am not.  Increase my faith, so that I may love You without ceasing!  I praise You for being the God of mercy.

God is perfect, and often there is a struggle to be faithful to His perfect will.  Why is it so difficult to trust God?  How can you increase your faith in Him?  What things need to change in your heart?  Do you need a transformation of the heart?  Ask Him to aid you in this!

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