365 Days of Praise ~ February 26

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Numbers 22:12 “…‘Do not go with them and do not curse this people, for they are blessed.’”

             It is important to remember that the people we encounter have their own relationship with God.  They are sons and daughters of our Creator, and need to be treated as such.  I have often said that we should treat each person as the queen or king of England.

We meet God’s children daily, and we may even be entertaining angels!  As we bless God’s people, so shall we receive His blessings!

Lord, give me the grace to bless all I meet with or talk to today.  I praise You for being the source of all blessings.

 Are you sometimes negative or judgmental in your thinking about others?  Who is that one person you just can’t seem to find anything good about them?  Reflect upon how this person is “also” a child of God; because He honors them, so must you.  Focus on their talents and positive attributes to help you change your attitude towards them.

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