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1 John 3:18 “Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.” 

             I am sure you may have heard the slogans that “talk is cheap” or that we must “walk the walk.”  These sayings are probably related to this verse.  John, as is his style, usually writes in the extreme.  If we are to be holy, we must give God all that we have.

I have often thought about the comment that if anyone would follow us around today, to convict us of the crime of being a Christian, would they find any evidence?  Or are we so “private” in our faith that no one ever knows our convictions?  There was nothing timid about Jesus.  Everyone knew where He stood.

Jesus, give us the boldness to depict our convictions every day.  I praise You for the gift of boldness.

 How do you stand up for your faith? Do you evangelize by sharing your faith?

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